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I read a fair bit, not so much as some but I do aim for a book a week now since I got the challenge from my old business coach a few years ago. I am pretty good with it and am now keeping a log on my goodreads page and other online platforms.

A while ago though an old friend mentioned the madness of having all that information in your head.

I didn’t understand the problem at first “K.I.I.P” afterall, right?

Well he made his argument and I made mine and the resulting compromise between our two views forms the basis of this time we now share; have all the information because it is power, but have a few that you go to for reference points and guidance on key areas of life.

Over time, my list of areas became the following:


Interpersonal relationships
Mentality and personal power

Money and Finance

Why did I Choose each area?

These areas are aligned with my purpose. Everything I do in life, I aim to have aligned with my purpose really and this was no different.There are a few areas that look like they were missed off the list like business/entrepreneurship or philanthropy (two areas you would expect me to have listed here given I have just harped on about my purpose). But for me, these two areas and others for that matter, can be broken down to an almost elemental essence — people. My approach to both business and philanthropy is based on people and so it is more important for me that I Have the cornerstone of people and my relationships with them; that is why they are on the list instead.

Now for me, having aspergers means I am not naturally wired up to deal with people; as a result, I have to make a constant and conscious effort in my dealings with people — I would be utterly lost without guidance in the area of interpersonal skills.

Some of this list essentially are hygiene factors — without a solid base on them I would struggle to achieve my goals, objectives and ultimately to live my true life purpose. Most of my own reality can be distilled into these five areas. I could have expanded a bit more and opened up the list to more areas like splitting up money into saving and investment for example. I could also have shortened it by wrapping Manhood in with relationships — Manhood involves others after all and I really recommend David Deida’s book from my list as you will see it deals with Manhood from a position of masculine polarity and not a penis or lack thereof.

We found that 5 was just right and these areas (for me) were on balance.

On a practical note though, this list had to be realistic in so much as I had to at least have an idea of some books that would be vying for a position in the list.

This list of areas is fixed and is not changing; I took the time to make sure it was correct.

The books in this list I am about to share are not fixed at all. It is not the list I started with and may not be the list I finish with. As I continue to learn and grow everyday, I am constantly challenging the right of these books to hold the authority for me in the area of life it covers and will of course update you as time goes on.

For now though, this is my list and you can get more information on the books via as well as stay up to date with it’s evolution by following me on social media. Just look up my handle @dmpotb or even tune into my podcast, “Do it With Dan” on all major platforms or directly on

And so here it is, my list of 5 books to live by, in no particular order…

The power of now, Ekhart Tolle — Spirituality

Way of the superior man, David Deida — Manhood

Richest man in Babylon, George S Clayson — Finance

The Mind, M. York — Mental and Personal Power

TA today, Ian Stewart — Interpersonal Relationships 

Have an amazing day, Thanks for reading and keep dreaming with your eyes open.

My Book a Week Challenge is documented here

“From Time to Time”, my book on ultimate time mastery is available as a Kindle download on Amazon now.


I am, that I Am – Integrity

I sat in an internet cafe in a quaint part of Freetown called Wilberforce. The African sun beat against the balcony as I coolly tapped away at the keyboard in the air conditioned shop.
I had great plans for being at my Aunt’s office today where I would take advantage of the high speed wifi and get some work done that just wasn’t happening on my phone. My kind hosts have a beautiful home up the hill not too far from the presidential palace, but the distance from the city centre though great for peace and quiet and exceptional views was horrid for infrastructure; myinternet quality wasn’t the greatest.

Plans aside, here I was, updating some content for the Beyond Intention Facebook group when the discussion quite suddenly slapped me.

As I went back and forth with one of the guys on Acceptance and recognising that there are no real changes or shifts that are out of our influence I found myself asking the question- am I truly living beyond intention?

Regular readers will know that I never make any claims of being anything more than a man who feels moved to share what he learns with others.

This was not a concern based on my being some kind of safe for the paradigm; although I assimilated the structure of the paradigm, I hold true to the fact that it grows as we all live and share our findings as adherents.

No,this was the very raw and singular question I asked myself. Was I living true to my commitment to live beyond intention.

When I started work on the paradigm in the dark days of 2009, I made a commitment to live by a certain standard. Regardless what external people know what that standard is, I know – this is part of the essence of integrity.

According to Nathaniel Brandon in his book “6 pillars of self esteem”, integrity is the position of your values meeting your actions. We can say then that integrity is where what we do aligns with who we say we are.

Making the commitment to be a man who lives beyond intent is not a task without challenges. As a species with the capacity that we do have for autonomy, it is ridiculous to see just how much energy we put into blaming others.

Daniel Mangena

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