Do you!

Get this straight and understand it well: “nobody is rooting for you”.
There will be rare instances where there is an immaterial payoff for people enjoying your win. Maybe just so that they can claim (justified or otherwise) some kind of a stake in your victory. 
Most of the time however any non-resistance to your wins (verbalised or not) are often only because your victory enables or facilitates others winning too – they are rooting for their own self interest, not yours.
Is this wrong?
I am not, take note, NOT talking about people gnawing and salivating at the very thought of your downfall; just those people indifferent more than anything. 
A lot of people just don’t really care if you win. Some of these may be people you want validation from or expect to even have some agenda as a “hater” (often the people who cry most about having haters draw the least interest). A lack of care as opposed to a desire for you not to win, that is what we are talking about today.
The truth is that more often than not we are so caught up in the mythology of other people imagined interest in our lives that we don’t put enough interest into our own.
This cross pollination of imagined interest is probably as close as we will get to genuine care about what is happening in each other’s lives, and even that is selfish inasmuch as its motive is to find purpose/validation – which itself is self-serving.
I for one lost interest in the imagined interest of others in my life and feel so much freer as a result. I knuckle down and work on the Mangena Foundation and my various entrepreneurial enterprises and hold Zero F’s on anyone or anything that does not impact this and my purpose.
That isn’t putting my head in the sand.
I keep up to date with foreign affairs and other things that impact my environment, but I do so with my eyes on my lane and my purpose.
I stay away from the people who don’t clap when I win and laugh/relish my setbacks (only because the energy is toxic and I protect that above most else) and do me.

Bake your bread, butcher your meat, brew your beer, do whatever you were put here to do and do it to the best of your ability. The shoes the cobbler next door is working on matter only if you are buying them or recommending them to someone else who will… DO YOU!


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