GMB – Get Obsessed 

Another article lovingly brought to you by Daniel Mangena

Pianos is in one of my favourite areas of Manhattan, NY; the Lower east side. 
On any given business trip out to the big apple I have been known to frequent that haunt more than once. It has such an amazing vibe and the coolest collective of patrons – it’s also where I met one of my best and closest friends.

It was on a trip to this fine watering hole that I met a namesake and also now dear friend who, along with his nephew Andre, were entertaining some friends visiting from California. Daniel taught us an arguably crude and yet very powerful audio anchor for accumulating wealth – GMB:

“Get Money Bitch!”

It really only works to full effect when screamed out loud at the top of your lungs, and is great fun after one or two (three or four…) frozen margaritas! 
It doesn’t always, however, inspire the greatest response from people who hear our little catchphrase. Aside from the profane cadence, it is the stressing of getting money that gets a lot of people’s back up…

Growing up in quite a conservative Christian home myself, the old adage that money is the root of all evil isn’t foreign. But often people miss the most important part of the full phrase; “love of money”.

As a self confessed capitalist however, this is a tough one for me to consolidate. Of course I do appreciate that the love of money is a dark door for many evils, it is also the tool without which one would struggle to do any good. I know this personally, as it is the attainment of wealth that facilitates my family and I to do the works we do all over the world with the Mangena Foundation.

And yet again, putting aside the money part and its associated evils, I wonder how one would achieve any of their financial goals without the secret ingredient that is key to the achievement of any goal or objective – obsession.

I am not saying that love of money and obsession the with it are the same thing. Nor am I saying that an obsession with money is the same as an obsession with the goal of achieving financial freedom, success or a particular goal. But that there must be that obsession, that burning desire, that craving that is as deep as the need to breath, else there will be no success.

This gives rise to a couple of points – you should know definitively what it is you want, and you should also be careful of there being nothing in that desire that acts as a trip wire to your goals. 

For me, the whole “money is evil” thing made it challenging to program in that obsession. I had to go to some extremes (I took a vow of chastity that would only be broken once I made it to a particular net worth). What is your hang up? What is blocking you? Do you even know what it is you want? What is standing in the way of your obsession?


Love, Life & Being and Entrepreneur

Lovingly brought to you by Daniel Mangena…

As an entrepreneur your choice in life partner becomes a very pivotal life choice, arguably as much on the way up as at the top.

I am no relationship guru by any standards, but as a full time value creator there is a lot that you need from your life partner that may be overlooked in a “9-5 relationship”. A lot more patience, understanding and maybe most important foresight.

The rewards for a life partner who invests in a loving and loyal entrepreneur can me great. The difficulty for the entrepreneur of course is discerning who is only there for the upside…