Who is Al?

An Article lovingly written by Daniel Mangena

Well hello there reader from somewhere whom I might never meet.

I had been asked by one of you wonderful people to share some details on my morning routine.

I wasn’t in the mood to write today.

So I am writing.

My chimp, which my friend and I named Alberto, likes to attempt to sabotage us sometimes. We have a chat about things and after some debate I now win the argument.

What is a chimp?

In a very poor paraphrasing of Professor Steve Peters who wrote about chimp theory in his book, The Chimp Paradox, it is our subconscious, primal self – I do hope that Steve will not take offence at my crude description and I really do recommend the book.

Yes, Al is short for Alberto and no, I don’t think that the title of this article is my greatest work, but I did show up and no matter what you think that is a win to me.

Alone however, my Al manual is but one tool that I have added to my box over the years that I have been dedicated to self improvement. I have been (un?)fortunate enough to have life push me to places whereby I had to grow mentally and indeed spiritually not to so much to expand, but to survive.

For those in the same place, growth is a way out when in the right framework. For those in a neutral position or ahead of the pack and just want to get better, there is really nothing better than looking at areas in your life where you can grow and better equip yourself to add value to the world.

I personally do my best to physically attend a course or program once a quarter and also read or listen to a book every week. I do a regular review of the areas in my life that I would like to improve, whether it be the quality of my relationships, my communication skills, my speaking and specific business skill such as money management and sales. These are all key to my being better equipped to live my life purpose.

I have a pot that I put 10% of my income into that funds this for both myself and the people I have around me (It is important that the people around you are on the same level after all) but there are lots of free resources available online that you can use as a starting block or even just to build the habit! You have the library and also those around you that you can tap into for use of book based courses and learning, as well as just taking the time to speak to people who are experts or more advanced than you in the area that you want to develop.

When I was flat broke and didn’t even have money to get to work because there was more month than money, just having a network of people around me who were on the same path made all the difference. We would share resources and take the time to help each other learn and grow – Your Network is your net worth. (but that is it’s own 300 words).

If you aren’t growing, then you’re dying.

That is how nature works.

Do yourself the justice of just doing one form of self development a quarter starting today. Then build it up. See the miracles happen….

And my morning routine? More on that another time…

Be well, stay blessed and a blessing!





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