I am, that I Am – Integrity

I sat in an internet cafe in a quaint part of Freetown called Wilberforce. The African sun beat against the balcony as I coolly tapped away at the keyboard in the air conditioned shop.
I had great plans for being at my Aunt’s office today where I would take advantage of the high speed wifi and get some work done that just wasn’t happening on my phone. My kind hosts have a beautiful home up the hill not too far from the presidential palace, but the distance from the city centre though great for peace and quiet and exceptional views was horrid for infrastructure; myinternet quality wasn’t the greatest.

Plans aside, here I was, updating some content for the Beyond Intention Facebook group when the discussion quite suddenly slapped me.

As I went back and forth with one of the guys on Acceptance and recognising that there are no real changes or shifts that are out of our influence I found myself asking the question- am I truly living beyond intention?

Regular readers will know that I never make any claims of being anything more than a man who feels moved to share what he learns with others.

This was not a concern based on my being some kind of safe for the paradigm; although I assimilated the structure of the paradigm, I hold true to the fact that it grows as we all live and share our findings as adherents.

No,this was the very raw and singular question I asked myself. Was I living true to my commitment to live beyond intention.

When I started work on the paradigm in the dark days of 2009, I made a commitment to live by a certain standard. Regardless what external people know what that standard is, I know – this is part of the essence of integrity.

According to Nathaniel Brandon in his book “6 pillars of self esteem”, integrity is the position of your values meeting your actions. We can say then that integrity is where what we do aligns with who we say we are.

Making the commitment to be a man who lives beyond intent is not a task without challenges. As a species with the capacity that we do have for autonomy, it is ridiculous to see just how much energy we put into blaming others.

Daniel Mangena

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