I am, that I Am – Integrity

I sat in an internet cafe in a quaint part of Freetown called Wilberforce. The African sun beat against the balcony as I coolly tapped away at the keyboard in the air conditioned shop.
I had great plans for being at my Aunt’s office today where I would take advantage of the high speed wifi and get some work done that just wasn’t happening on my phone. My kind hosts have a beautiful home up the hill not too far from the presidential palace, but the distance from the city centre though great for peace and quiet and exceptional views was horrid for infrastructure; myinternet quality wasn’t the greatest.

Plans aside, here I was, updating some content for the Beyond Intention Facebook group when the discussion quite suddenly slapped me.

As I went back and forth with one of the guys on Acceptance and recognising that there are no real changes or shifts that are out of our influence I found myself asking the question- am I truly living beyond intention?

Regular readers will know that I never make any claims of being anything more than a man who feels moved to share what he learns with others.

This was not a concern based on my being some kind of safe for the paradigm; although I assimilated the structure of the paradigm, I hold true to the fact that it grows as we all live and share our findings as adherents.

No,this was the very raw and singular question I asked myself. Was I living true to my commitment to live beyond intention.

When I started work on the paradigm in the dark days of 2009, I made a commitment to live by a certain standard. Regardless what external people know what that standard is, I know – this is part of the essence of integrity.

According to Nathaniel Brandon in his book “6 pillars of self esteem”, integrity is the position of your values meeting your actions. We can say then that integrity is where what we do aligns with who we say we are.

Making the commitment to be a man who lives beyond intent is not a task without challenges. As a species with the capacity that we do have for autonomy, it is ridiculous to see just how much energy we put into blaming others.

Daniel Mangena

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When you get a good idea…

God as my witness this app is a poor version of an idea I have been working on for an app for about a year now.

So often it is easy to lose sight of what a blessing imagination and creativity are – but things shape and progress our world!

Today’s painful lesson is a harsh reminder that if you won’t bring it to reality, then God/the Universe will still manifest it… Just someone else will get the credit and the reward!!!


Chinese Bank Robbery

I just loved this story!

During a robbery in Hong Kong, the bank robber shouted to everyone in the bank: “Don’t move. The money belongs to the Government. Your life belongs to you.”

Everyone in the bank laid down quietly. 
This is called “Mind Changing Concept” Changing the conventional way of thinking.

When a lady lay on the table provocatively, the robber shouted at her:

“Please be civilised! This is a robbery and not a rape!” 

This is called “Being Professional” 
Focus only on what you are trained to do! 


When the bank robbers returned home, the younger robber (MBA trained) told the older robber (who has only completed Year 6 in primary school):

“Big brother, let’s count how much we got.” 

The older robber rebutted and said:
“You are very stupid. There is so much money it will take us a long time to count. Tonight, the TV news will tell us how much we robbed from the bank!” 

This is called “Experience” 
Nowadays, experience is more important than paper qualifications! 

After the robbers had left, the bank manager told the bank supervisor to call the police quickly. But the supervisor said to him: 
“Wait! Let us take out $10 million from the bank for ourselves and add it to the $70 million that we have previously embezzled from the bank”.

This is called “Swim with the tide” 
Converting an unfavorable situation to your advantage!

The supervisor says: “It will be good if there is a robbery every month.” 
This is called “Changing priority” 

Personal Happiness is more important than your job”.

The next day, the TV news reported that $100 million was taken from the bank. The robbers counted and counted and counted, but they could only count $20 million. 
The robbers were very angry and complained:
“We risked our lives and only took $20 million. The bank manager took $80 million with a snap of his fingers. It looks like it is better to be educated than to be a thief!” 

This is called “Knowledge is worth as much as gold!”
👆must read


You might need Dan Mangena…

…and I might need you (one day)

Life is a crazy roundabout of needing each other and it is easy to lose sight sight of the fact that we have no idea what the future holds for us or the people around us.

Many now powerful, influential and indeed rich people around the globe came from nothing, often looked down upon at one time by their peers.

I, although by God’s grace nowhere near my full potential, often stumble upon people who take the general downplay of myself for granted until such time as my neccesity (and ability) are revelaed.

This concept however extends way into many different areas of life; I recall on a trip to Toronto, meeting a young lady who once didn’t look twice and a “shy and sweet boy” named Aubrey – she is now no more than one of millions of Drake fans that would give anything for a night with him.

This isn’t to encourage being nice to people just because you may need them one day. My real concern is that as a society we are forgetting what it means to just be “nice humans”. 

Manipulating those around us for future benfit is just one such cancer the world could do without, along with treating people woth disdain because we feel they hold no value.

Judge a person not by how they treat their peers and those above them, but those who they need nothing from…

I believe humily plays an important part in this, as a quality that keeps us grounded. I personally feel that on reflection remembering that we are all just human and all return to dustone day helps keep me in check…