Music isn’t something that I have ever taken seriously, much to the dismay of the various people that I have performed, written or recorded with over the years. A few days ago however I had a random review of my work and this drew some attention to my soundcloud page where I share my music (

Since then there has been an increase in interest in what I do and I even had a short but flattering interview with an online magazine and a few requests for more:

Knowing your purpose and properly apportioning energy is something that I am hot on. Time is not something that you can get back once it has been spent, and not only do we relatively not have all that much of the thing, you really don’t get any means of checking the remaining balance.

Spending time doing what we love is important, yes, but my thought for the day is how easy is it to always balance that with doing what we need?



Everything has to start somewhere…

They say that the biggest journey starts with a single step… Well here is mine, already loaded with my customary over use of the (dreaded) ellipsis and my mind already drifting.

In somewhat more than the 140 characters allotted a tweet, this blog will be nothing more than me as I a pure and honest reflection of how I feel at the moment I pick up my iphone and type out words that few or many may have the energy or care to read.

I am not an english literary major, not a prophet or sage and not more than just a man so expect no perfect and forgive any shortfalls or mistakes as they arise.

I have articles on my website, the odd picture on my instagram and music on my soundcloud page; this blog is really just me rambling from time to time.

I will do my best not to bore you, and warn that I rarely have an interest in non-constructive criticism and am unlikely to respond to the same.

Wishing you a blessed and productive day!


D x