Writing my Bio

Arnold Schwarzenegger was known to wear clothes to expose his weak muscle groups. He put his weaknesses on show always keeping his shortcomings in full view, a constant reminder of where he needed to improve.

I am not Arnie.

I am Daniel.

And who am I? Certainly not an Olympian, Hollywood star nor have I been Governor of a major US State…

I am a simple man with big Dream, painstakingly birthing it into life one day at a time with my eyes wide open.

Dreaming is easy — more so with your eyes closed — but to dream in any fashion is not the tricky part.

It is Being that is the tricky part, navigating this thing we call “life”. Living you see requires both action and interaction, and for me that has recently including writing my bio and to to be frank, I was stumped

Showing the clear and elementary differences between my self and Mr Schwarzenegger is all well and good — even a child can say what they are not — but what does it mean to BE Daniel Mangena?

Putting your existence, your essence into a few paragraphs will of course shift in it’s complexity depending on your intent and purpose, but even having a clear vision of mine, I was still caught like an antelope in headlights (Yes, T’Challa, I see you…)

My bio being online will be a permanent digital footprint of who I show the world I am. As a speaker and author, this also inadvertently forms a part of my brand and therefore affects my overall positioning in my field.

As an influencer who has a mission to change the lives of people around the globe, I put myself out there to be an example, a role model; a misstep in my Bio can potentially sabotage my mission.

The public profile may have an effect on who will deal with at all, and even that to what level and scope. A lot of people look to puff up their public persona in order to advance their position or “fake it till they make it”. I for one am all about authenticity and it was in this that I was perhaps most disjointed.

Being authentic means being open, bearing my soul and I just wasn’t sure how ready I was to do that. Walking the fine line between 3D circumstances and 5D macro reality is a trickier job when you are putting things in writing.

I did my best though, and as Don Miguel Ruiz teaches us in Agreement Four — Doing your best is all you must demand of yourself after all… Of course the journey is far from over and there will be additions and substitutions over time as I continue to grow both in myself and in my mission. I have accepted that my journey involves me continue to build a knowing (and loving) relationship with myself look forward to sharing that journey with you x

See my “finished” Bio here and tune in to the “Do it With Dan” podcast every week on most major platforms: www.doitwithdanpodcast.com


“Beyond Intention”… OK…?

I make no claim to know very much of anything; I am just a man who felt a calling to share his life experiences in hopes that others might be inspired.

I firmly believe that this is the kind of thing that helps the world go around a much better place. People sharing with each other, spreading love where they can and blessing others where we cannot.

I am not a guru or sage.

There is no reason why you should listen to me. Not one.

But as I have been getting increased traction on the Living Beyond Intention Workshops and finally started posting about them and other events centred around the Beyond Intention paradigm, people have been starting to ask me – What is it?

The Beyond Intention Paradigm is a simple, four phased system designed to empower practitioners to break through mental, emotional and energetic stuck states.

Built from nearly a decade of  my own blood, sweat and yes, tears, I share this with you having a certainty of it’s efficacy bred from what it has brought me through in my life, and what it continues to bring to the lives of Dreamers around the globe, giving them the keys back to their own lives that they might live a life of true, joyful purpose.

Beyond Intention has helped myself and others deal with anything from relationship breakups, anxiety and business decisions to stress, anger management and procrastination and can be applied to most forms of block as we demonstrate time after time in our workshops.


Beyond Intention Diagram

An Intention can be defined as deliberately focused energy on a specific objective or outcome. Stepping towards and beyond Intention often leads to challenges of all types, Intention being an advance on the concept of an objective in so far as we can place our intention on an objective.

By having a structured system to cut through the internal impediments – including those that exist in response to external factors – those who apply the Beyond Intention have a simple formula that can bring them to a place in their life where Joy is the new norm.

It really is a massive smashing through my own stuck states to finally put the Beyond Intention out there in a permanent state, and I thank you for sharing this experience with me…

In order, the steps of the paradigm are:

STEP 1: AcceptanceMindset

We are the common denominator in our lives, if we want a definitive change then “within” is a good place to start. True power comes from accepting the power to effect real change in the direction of our life through the choices we make and accepting responsibility for the outcomes.

STEP 2: Clear – Action

Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change form. Clearing is the active process of performing exercises to cut ties with the mental, emotional and often physical baggage of the past to push through loops and stuck states by transmutation as opposed to the normal practice or resistance and avoidance.

STEP 3: GratitudeWay of life

“Faith is the natural feeling of expectancy – whether for the good or the bad”, and gratitude is the most powerful tool for creating a positive expectancy. Our lives are a reflection of the things we have created by expecting them to happen and we have the power over what that narrative can be for our lives.

STEP 4: ListenReflection and observation

No matter what voices you read, watch or listen to, unless you learn to hear yourself you will not be able to identify where the weeds are to pull them up. Very rarely does change hold unless it is acknowledged and celebrated, and progress can be celebrated or acknowledged unless we take the time out to witness it.

I go into intricate detail on the inner working and interlinking of each step in my book, Stepping Beyond Intention (available for pre-order on Amazon) as well as our workshops, forums and other live events. Execution is everything, and we walk through real life examples in the lives of the Dreamers who attend. I do have designs on some form of online training in time, and for those who are interested, I can keep you up to date with that and other excited developments happening at Dreamer HQ. Feel free to also send me testimonials, constructive criticism and input by email to hello@dmpotb.com

Pre order “Stepping Beyond Intention” on Amazon now

For my part, the Beyond Intention Paradigm is yet another tool/strategy that serves to empower Dreamers in the identification of and pursuit of their purpose. Everything I do goes to the fulfilment of my mission and realisation of my Dream, and my Dream is that we live in a world where nothing stands in the way of Dreamer’s living theirs.

For deeper insight into the four steps of the Beyond Intention Paradigm, connect with me on Facebook and look out for the free videos coming soon.

Get details on events happening near you HERE



Magic Numbers

I read a fair bit, not so much as some but I do aim for a book a week now since I got the challenge from my old business coach a few years ago. I am pretty good with it and am now keeping a log on my goodreads page and other online platforms.

A while ago though an old friend mentioned the madness of having all that information in your head.

I didn’t understand the problem at first “K.I.I.P” afterall, right?

Well he made his argument and I made mine and the resulting compromise between our two views forms the basis of this time we now share; have all the information because it is power, but have a few that you go to for reference points and guidance on key areas of life.

Over time, my list of areas became the following:


Interpersonal relationships
Mentality and personal power

Money and Finance

Why did I Choose each area?

These areas are aligned with my purpose. Everything I do in life, I aim to have aligned with my purpose really and this was no different.There are a few areas that look like they were missed off the list like business/entrepreneurship or philanthropy (two areas you would expect me to have listed here given I have just harped on about my purpose). But for me, these two areas and others for that matter, can be broken down to an almost elemental essence — people. My approach to both business and philanthropy is based on people and so it is more important for me that I Have the cornerstone of people and my relationships with them; that is why they are on the list instead.

Now for me, having aspergers means I am not naturally wired up to deal with people; as a result, I have to make a constant and conscious effort in my dealings with people — I would be utterly lost without guidance in the area of interpersonal skills.

Some of this list essentially are hygiene factors — without a solid base on them I would struggle to achieve my goals, objectives and ultimately to live my true life purpose. Most of my own reality can be distilled into these five areas. I could have expanded a bit more and opened up the list to more areas like splitting up money into saving and investment for example. I could also have shortened it by wrapping Manhood in with relationships — Manhood involves others after all and I really recommend David Deida’s book from my list as you will see it deals with Manhood from a position of masculine polarity and not a penis or lack thereof.

We found that 5 was just right and these areas (for me) were on balance.

On a practical note though, this list had to be realistic in so much as I had to at least have an idea of some books that would be vying for a position in the list.

This list of areas is fixed and is not changing; I took the time to make sure it was correct.

The books in this list I am about to share are not fixed at all. It is not the list I started with and may not be the list I finish with. As I continue to learn and grow everyday, I am constantly challenging the right of these books to hold the authority for me in the area of life it covers and will of course update you as time goes on.

For now though, this is my list and you can get more information on the books via as well as stay up to date with it’s evolution by following me on social media. Just look up my handle @dmpotb or even tune into my podcast, “Do it With Dan” on all major platforms or directly on http://www.anchor.fm/dmpotb

And so here it is, my list of 5 books to live by, in no particular order…

The power of now, Ekhart Tolle — Spirituality

Way of the superior man, David Deida — Manhood

Richest man in Babylon, George S Clayson — Finance

The Mind, M. York — Mental and Personal Power

TA today, Ian Stewart — Interpersonal Relationships 

Have an amazing day, Thanks for reading and keep dreaming with your eyes open.

My Book a Week Challenge is documented here

“From Time to Time”, my book on ultimate time mastery is available as a Kindle download on Amazon now.


The Whistling Garbageman

I found some very, erm… special things on the Internet today; I was looking for the word “cupiditasmundi

It means that you get off on cleaning.

Not really my thing.

Or a real word.

I was going to go with obssesiomundi in my construction of the perfect fake fancy word for someone with a cleaning fetish, but in my question to be pretentious it just didn’t make the grade. Cupiditas is Latin for desire and sounded much more lewd and obscene than obsession, not to mention obvious and very much without the air of mystery. So there you have it – cupiditasmundi (it would have been much easier were the etymology of the word fetish not a word in Latin’s spritely daughter that is Portuguese.

But there are, in any case, people who love that stuff.

They get off on it (cleaning). Literally.

In fact, there are some really weird and frankly disturbing things that people get off on and even make porn about. Again not my thing, but intrigue did nearly have me visit a den of the odd end of iniquity on a trip to Berlin once. I didn’t make it to Sodom in the end, but that is another story…

Coming away from the seedy end of this conversation, there are also very normal everyday things that we can pay people to do for us. You may even find in some instances that there are those who are prepared to barter and trade with you for things that you like to do!

In business, the premise is the same. There is always someone who gets off on what you hate doing, don’t have the time for, or just don’t do very well.

I wrote a whole book on the topic (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Time-Daniel-Mangena-ebook/dp/B07CRJXPLX/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8) but in short, the principal is quite simple. Stop wasting time, a very limited resource, which doesn’t come with a refund or returns policy and focus on dedicating the time you do have.

An interesting objection to this concept it the cost of paying other people to do things for you when you may not be able to afford to. Consider this – what could you do with the time you saved by leaving the task to someone more capable of undertaking it? How much do you waste paying for DIY jobs to be redone? More importantly, what can you earn by better utilising the time you spent?

For me, outsourcing enables me to have the time to do everything I want and the freedom from the tasks that I don’t. Of course there are times when there isn’t the time or convenience to outsource, but even if you can save 50% of the time spent on tasks that qualify, the benefits can add exponential value to your quality of life, ability to move into new business area, spend more time with your loved ones and help you create better value in the lives of others through your business activities.

The biggest payoff here in reality is having more Joy.

Do yourself one favour today and take the small step of spending just a few minutes writing down a list of just a few things that you would rather have someone else do for you. I outsource as much as I can and really just focus on the few things that I love – you don’t have to be so extreme and may be very surprised at how straight forward it is to really make some massive leaps forward with a little bit of outsourcing.

Be well, stay blessed and a blessing and keep Dreaming With Your Eyes Open!

Daniel x

From Time to Time, the ultimate guide to Time Mastery is available now on Amazon Kindle: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Time-Daniel-Mangena-ebook/dp/B07CRJXPLX/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8




BOTWC: Hey, Yu!

(No typo in the title guys, I promise!)

Hello,  and welcome to the first of my “Book of the week challenge” (BOTWC) pre- read updates!

You can usually expect these on a Sunday, along with a review of the previous week’s read. From May 6th I formally launch the “Do it With Dan” Podcast, and will at some point begin both a vlog of the weekly review on my YouTube channel and an audio review on the Podcast. From time to time there may even be a special guest or two joining me to discuss the book.

Now to the “typo” explanation; Yu is a name – Yu Dan to to be precise.

Don’t believe me?


Told you…

But whilst Yu’s exceptionally wonderful surname inspired excitement (Dan ;p ), as it came up for selection from my list of books to read, the title of her book sent into a tailspin of panic. I deliberately pick my weekly book at random as a solution to one of my greatest procrastination points – what book to read.

But in opening myself up to you all on what I am actually reading (and what I currently have on my active book shelf) I open myself up for judgement on my reading habits and yesterday morning, that realisation hit me like a truck. and so, whilst I was supposed to post this pre-read blog yesterday morning, I only sat down to do my reading last night.

Any reason to procrastinate really…

When this book came up I was also happy as it has been on the shelf awaiting action for a while, but was also a little worried that people might think I am pretentious for picking this book for my grand opening. Whether we like it or not, the brain can go into automatic action. That doesn’t mean that I think people are judgemental (or maybe it means that deep down I am?) just that our brains go to places on their own and sometimes stay there.

I set that aside though, shook it off just like Ms Swift suggests and look forward to sharing what I learn with you in print and on (perhaps my podcast) this coming Sunday.

Till then Dear Dreamers…

D x

P.s. Talking about podcasts, from Sunday May 6th I will be uploading every episode to Soundcloud  and although my launchpad is Anchor you will be able to find me on iTunes and other podcast platform for your listening pleasure x


The Purple Brick

(From my “Being Experiment” series on Medium)

For over ten years I have lived my life very much along the lines of what I refer to as my ”Purple Brick” theory when it comes to religion, spirituality or belief.
The theory, in VERY short terms, is that what we refer to as a higher being/God/god(s)/The Divine/The Universe/nature etc is one singular unified metaphysical intelligence that expresses itself through the ages in different ways to mankind.

If you take away man’s interference/manipulation, tradition, cultural differences, language barriers etc, most faiths or religions essentially always comes down to a singular entity.

No matter the belief system, this often comes with obscenely common traits across the board, most notably omnipresence for example (being everywhere and in all things) is one we see see represented whether by “physical” presence or some form of all sight.

Even on the question of monotheism vs polytheism, there is usually a “head honcho” or source – The Universe in Hinduism expressing itself in different forms, Zues giving birth to the gods of ancient Greece and even he born (all crudely defined on my part I admit) but still pointing to a single source entity.
My application? Not to unify people behind a new movement or faith or even start my own cult or commune, but just a logical basis on which to ”live and let live” when it comes to the question of other people’s beliefs.

I can make salat or recite the Holy Koran with a Muslim, go to temple with a Hindu, (genuinely) give thanks to the great Spirit with a Hopi, discuss the Holy Tablets with a Nuwapian or sing hymns in church with my mother.
In each of these instances I can from the bottom of my heart truly connect to God and enjoy a development of my relationship to Source, regardless of the forum or the belief of who I am with.

“Religion needs a god, but does god need a religion?” Anon

It also means that I can talk about spirituality with a level head, respecting people’s views and being pretty mellow with my own.

The Bible’s main version of Jesus (there are three referred to in the modern bible…) puts it succinctly: Love the Lord thy God with all thy soul and all thy might and love thy neighbour as thyself. My interpretation? Love yourself, love that which gave and gives life to you, love that which elevates you and love those who are with you on this crazy journey: common theme? Love.

So when people talk to me about seeing beings from other dimensions, out of body experiences (which I just read an amazing book on btw), astral projection (which I now understand to be different from the OBE) and other mystical experiences, I can wholeheartedly be present with them and through their experiences, enjoy yet another connection to God.

Which is why my initial reaction to today’s Being Experiment word for the day was such an interesting experience for me…


I froze when I saw it.

A series of unconscious thoughts running through my head, all centred around my not being all that interested in it…

Don’t get me wrong, I am very much aware that my feelings about the mystical experience may change once/if I have had a major one, but I have a very defined, inspired life purpose/mission in 3D reality which does not demand or require them.

In short, I have s**t to do in “real world”.

Taking a moment to settle myself I thought back to the meaning and purpose of the experiment to me. It gives me an anchor everyday, a state of being to reflect on and aspire to. It also gives me experiences to be aware of and that is where I was able to make a shift in my focus.

Mystical things happen to us literally every moment of everyday. Our heart beats by itself, we go into the little death of sleep every night and yet emerge alive and breathing. I am Loved by the amazing people in my life. I get to live a life of purpose and meaning that makes the world that much more of a better place.

Those are my miracles, that is my mystical, and gratitude for that is my state of Being today.